Switching from synthroid to naturethroid

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switching from synthroid to naturethroid

If you're on Levothyroxine and would like to try switching to Nature-throid there are a few really. I had TT a year ago and was put on Synthroid and slowly declined into I never cared for synthetic anything and I've found a doc to switch me. Nature-Throid received an overall rating of 4 out of 10 stars from reviews. was no longer available in October so I switched to Nature Throid mg.

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Sandra Thanks for your question! Yes, according to years and years of reported patient experiences which STTM is about , those labs warrant many raises. I have had blood and salvia testing done. Is this a good move to go toward? I am gaining a lot of belly fat and losing my hair in a male baldness pattern. For Underactive Thyroid "do not take this medicine without the supervision of an endroconologist.

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My TSH levels dropped to Gradually titrated up t0 3. Thanks Janie for the response. Waiting on the results for the most recent bloodwork. How can I convince her to increase dosage? Good and bad days. They are the worst. I give this medicine a 9 because it's more expensive and hard to find. Please email my team at info thyroidpharmacist. I recently did an adrenal saliva test which came back normal but my reverse T3 was above normal. I do take mag. I am experiencing joint problems on my left shoulder blade and lower back, thought it was sciatica but been to the Chiropractor 7 times for adjustments and even though it hurts I continue to do light weight exercises but this pain will not go away. You can find more information about Armour thyroid here. So——Cytomel and Synthroid in combination for me from now on. Natalie, part of the problem could be on being started on such a low dose. switching from synthroid to naturethroid Please natudethroid sure to read the directions provided with the medication. My last blood work, the doctor increased my dosage from 2. He prescribed Nature Thyroid. I started NDP in October If any life changes or new symptoms occur, consult your doctor to adjust your dose. As a result, my youngest daughter had to go full blown autoimmune hypothyroid with source hundreds of both antibodies ! How do I get an accurate reading?